Pretty Sallie – A Love Song Of The Civil War

Sweethearts Left Back Home

The Billy Yanks and Johnny Rebs left loved ones behind when they went off to fight in the Civil War. Some of the soldiers would never return home, their lives lost on the battlefield or to disease. Those who did return home may find an empty chair at the family’s table, a loved gone from this life.

The men of the Civil War often left wives or sweethearts behind. If you have ever had to leave your own “Sallie” behind, then you understand how the Civil War soldiers felt. This song conveys the longing they had for their sorely missed “Sallie.”

Pretty Sallie

Performed by Tom Roush

Ulysses S. Grant’s General Order to the “Soldiers of the Armies of the United States”

General Orders No. 108

Washington, D.C., June 2, 1865

General Ulysses S. Grant issues his General Orders No. 108., in which he thanks his soldiers for their service to the Union. It was time for Johnny to come marching home again.

General Ulysses S. Grant

General Ulysses S. Grant



Washington, D. C., June 2, 1865.


By your patriotic devotion to your country in the hour of danger and alarm-your magnificent fighting, bravery, and endurance-you have maintained the supremacy of the Union and the Constitution, overthrown all armed opposition to the enforcement of the laws, and of the proclamation forever abolishing slavery-the cause and pretext of the rebellion-and opened the way to the rightful authorities to restore order and inaugurate peace on a permanent and enduring basis on every foot of American soil.

Your marches, sieges, and battles, in distance, duration, resolution, and brilliancy of result dim the luster of the world’s past military achievements, and will be the patriot’s precedent in defense of liberty and right in all time to come.

In obedience to your country’s call you left your homes and families and volunteered in its defense. Victory has crowned your valor and secured the purpose of your patriotic hearts, and with the gratitude of your countrymen, and the highest honors a great and free nation can accord, you will soon be permitted to return to your homes and families conscious of having discharged the highest duty of American citizens.

To achieve these glorious triumphs, and secure to yourselves, your fellow countrymen, and posterity the blessings of free institutions, tens of thousands of your gallant comrades have fallen and sealed the priceless legacy with their lives. The graves of these, a grateful nation bedews with tears, honors their memories, and will ever cherish and support their stricken families.



General Robert E. Lee’s Farewell Order